A Message from our CEO
Welcome To Glendora Hospital website!

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find what you are looking for here, and if not, please communicate with us on how we can assist you further.  Check this website for updates, as we continue to grow, expand services and add team members.


My expectation is that every person is treated with dignity and respect, whether a patient, family member, staff member or one of our valued partners. If this is not what you experience with us, please promptly let us know, so we may address as soon as possible. Use our contact section on this website to provide feedback – please provide contact information so we may get back with you.


We are currently expanding services at Glendora Hospital, and are seeking additional team members who have a heart for our patients, have a passion and joy that is contagious, enjoy a digital environment, and desire to excel to the highest levels possible. We anticipate there will be a high level of staff engagement and satisfaction at Glendora Hospital, accompanied by a low turnover rate, and even a waiting list to work at Glendora Hospital. If you are interested in joining the Glendora Hospital team, see the Careers section of this website for the latest opportunities.


For our provider partners, we want to work with you, ensuring your needs as a caregiver and provider are being met. We look forward to meeting you, better understanding your needs, tailoring our processes and outcomes to match your needs, and scheduling follow-up sessions to ensure we are meeting your needs. If you are ready, contact us now for your first meeting with us. Use the contact section on this website now, or call us at Glendora Hospital.


Harvey Ross

Chief Executive Officer

Glendora Hospital

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