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Glendora Oaks Behavioral Health Hospital Celebrates New Name and Focus with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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Glendora Oaks Behavioral Health Hospital Celebrates New Name and Focus with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

(GLENDORA, CA – December 2, 2019) – Glendora Oaks Behavioral Health Hospital hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday, November 18, 2019 to celebrate its new name and focus on behavioral health services.

The hospital, originally established as Glendora Community Hospital in 1958 to serve Glendora and neighboring communities, has completed the transition to a behavioral health facility, focusing on senior inpatient behavioral health care. The hospital, a member of Prime Healthcare, is now operating as Glendora Oaks Behavioral Health Hospital.

To commemorate this transition, the facility welcomed local leaders, including Glendora Mayor Judy Nelson, Chamber of Commerce President Joe Cina, and community member guests for a morning of celebration and thanks honoring all who have supported the hospital as it has transformed to meet a vital community need for behavioral health services.

“As the only inpatient geriatric psychiatric facility in the East San Gabriel Valley, we provide a crucial safety net service to the vulnerable and growing population of seniors,” said Parrish Scarboro, Glendora Oaks Behavioral Health Hospital Chief Executive Officer.

Glendora Oaks Behavioral Health Hospital provides both voluntary and involuntary admissions with a focus on general senior psychiatric care for people with conditions such as acute depression, suicidal tendencies, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and schizophrenia. Through coordination between our neighboring primary care facilities, the facility hopes to improve the overall patient experience and quality of care as they continue to grow their behavioral health services.

“As you may know, Los Angeles County has only 22.7 psychiatric beds to serve 4.3 percent of adults suffering from a mental illness when the national target is a minimum of 50 beds per 100,000 residents. We are here to help change those statistics,” said Cyrus Nasserian, MD, Glendora Oaks Behavioral Health Hospital’s Chief of Staff.

Furthermore, the facility is designed to be a calming atmosphere that thoughtfully incorporates natural lighting, makes use of scientific knowledge around the impact of color on mood and thought, and importantly incorporates patient safety features to prevent self-harm. The facility will feature state-of-the-art inpatient services utilizing the newest technology to keep patients comfortable while administering treatment during their stay.

The hospital is opening its beds to patients in phases, beginning with 21 inpatient beds currently available, with more added over time. The second phase adds an additional 23 inpatient beds to serve approximately 1,700 patients annually. “We know that Los Angeles County is in dire need of hospital beds for mental health care patients and we are honored to be part of the solution to increase the number of mental health beds in the county,” said Teena Auhja, Vice President of Behavioral Health Services for Prime Healthcare.

Glendora Oaks Behavioral Health Hospital looks forward to opening its doors for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour to showcase progress in the spring.

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About Glendora Oaks Behavioral Health Hospital: Founded in 1958, Glendora Oaks Behavioral Health Hospital, a member of Prime Healthcare, is a not-for-profit behavioral health hospital offering expertise and advanced inpatient services that leverages the latest research and clinical best practices to aid seniors who are struggling with mental health conditions. We provide quality behavioral healthcare to the elderly in our community with individualized planning and ongoing recovery support. For more information, visit