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Senior Mental Health

The Senior Mental Health In-patient Program at Glendora Oaks Behavioral Health Hospital provides a caring, supportive environment in which each patient participates in a therapeutic program that’s specifically designed to meet his or her needs. Our In-patient Program is intended for adults age 55 and older.

Through a structured plan of individual psychotherapy, group therapy, planned activities and family support, the goal is to assist patients to return to as normal a life as possible. To attain that goal, we make sure that the care and concern of the Treatment Team continues even after the patient leaves our hospital. Patients are given the opportunity to regain the social, physical and emotional skills they once had. Our Treatment Team is comprised of trained professionals led by a psychiatrist specializing in geriatric psychiatry.

Warning Signals When Someone Needs Help

Growing older can mean the chance to relax and enjoy life. For many people, however, growing older also means suffering the loss of a spouse or lifelong friends, becoming ill with chronic disease, losing financial security or losing physical capabilities. For some older adults, these problems can lead to stress, depression or other emotional difficulties.

When these difficulties become too severe, it can cause serious changes in behavior that family members sometimes ignore or misinterpret, believing the problem to be the inevitable result of aging, instead of an illness that responds to treatment.

Glendora Oaks Behavioral Health Hospital's Senior Mental Health In-patient program addresses the psychological and medical aspects of mental health problems unique to the older adult.

We welcome calls from individuals who themselves are in need of service, or from physicians, families or others concerned about he well being of the individual.

Call: 626-852-5063, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
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